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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fabio Frizzi - Frizzi 2 Fulci in Helsinki, Finland

Finally, Fabio Frizzi meets The Cinescapader.

Fabio Frizzi presents Zombie Flesh-Eaters before the show.

Changing Zombie reel.

Check out the almost full gig!

The Concert.

 "Hello. My name is Jarno."
"Oh, Jarno from Facebook!"

Fabio signing The Beyond poster.
Fabio signing Zombie DVD cover.
Fabio signing Cat in the Brain DVD cover.
"Oh, Cat in the Brain! Did you see the clips?" Fabio asked.
"Yes I did!" I say.

"I have to ask, do you know anything about this?"
- "Sometimes it happens that music can be changed from the original in some countries...
I don't know John Cacavas..."

 Thank You so much! It was nice to meet you.

 Stuff signed by Fabio Frizzi.

So, what did you like your visit in Helsinki? The weather wasn't so good.
Helsinki and you all, a blast! Music and soul wormed the athmosphere, me and all my staff we loved this incredible experience! All the best Jarno!

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